Helping Couples Find Their True Identities

(Both As Individuals and Couples)

Becoming Us is both a wake-up call and an instruction manual for couples in a committed relationship who want to see and understand one another from a fresh perspective. Individuals often enter into marriage with the potentially harmful assumption that they know themselves and their spouse. This “assumiside’ can leave them feeling disappointed and disillusioned when they run into the same misunderstandings months, years, or even decades after saying “I do.”

Enneagram expert Beth McCord and Pastor Jeff McCord combine their more than 20 years of marriage wisdom, pastoral experience, and Enneagram studies to provide a roadmap for couples feeling stagnant or frustrated with their relationship. Applying the powerful tool of the Enneagram through a Biblical perspective, Becoming Us gives couples clarity into their unique personalities and relationship dynamics, helping them break free from unhealthy patterns and transform into the couple God designed them to be.

The book walks couples through the process of discovering and exploring their Enneagram Types, their Core Motivations, and how these fears, desires, weaknesses, and longings shape their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It also outlines the specific ways each personality views their childhood experience, handles communication and conflict, and feels most valued, loved, and supported by their significant other.

The McCords’ heart for Becoming Us is to give couples the insights they wish they had from the start of their relationship. Readers will enjoy the way the authors weave in their own personal and relationship stories, sharing relatable anecdotes from their marriage journey.  The book will also help partners understand their relationship “dance,” and show them how to align it with the hope and truth of the Gospel. When spouses know and experience the unconditional love, forgiveness, and freedom they have in Christ, they can experience the intimate and thriving relationship of their dreams.


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