Improve Your Marriage Using the Tools of the Enneagram & the
Truth of the Gospel

If you're ready for emotionally present communication with your spouse, welcome, you're in the right place.


Meet Beth & Jeff McCord

After growing through 24 years of marital ups and downs, there's nothing this duo loves more than coming alongside couples - armed with the tools of the Enneagram and the truth of the Gospel - to offer a better way to live and grow, together.

They've worked hard to create an entire platform to improve your marriage based on the Enneagram and the Gospel. So, take a minute to check out their book, Becoming Us, their live events, and the custom online courses for each couple type. However you prefer to learn, they've got you covered!


Here's What a Few Others Say about Becoming Us by Beth and Jeff McCord

“I’m a huge fan of the Enneagram—it’s been an extremely useful tool in my life, marriage, and friendships. What I appreciate about the McCord’s approach is that it explores the Enneagram through the lens of the gospel and helps appropriate what the Enneagram is in light of how God made us.”

Dave Barnes
Recording Artist


"We have seen firsthand, both in our marriage and in the marriages of countless others, how the Enneagram can bring couples closer, foster empathy, and provide a newfound appreciation for each other’s differences. Thank you, Beth and Jeff, for writing Becoming Us. Finally, we have a practical and godly tool that can be used to enrich, and even save, many marriages. We can’t wait to share it with others."

Gail & Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt & Co.


“The McCords have written Becoming Us as an insightful resource for those who want to understand themselves, their spouse, and their marriage through the lens of faith and the tool of the Enneagram.”

Ian Morgan Cron
Author of The Road Back to You


“We so appreciate Beth and Jeff’s helpful and honest approach to marriage in Becoming Us. They show us how understanding each other’s core fear, desire, weakness, and longings in light of the gospel can help us communicate with, and love one another, well.”

Matt and Lauren Chandler
Matt: Author, pastor, president of the Acts 29 Network; 
Lauren: Author, speaker, and singer/songwriter


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