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Our book, Becoming Us, is coming out in October! We wrote this book to explore how a Gospel-centered approach to the Enneagram can transform marriage relationships, and we can’t wait for you to read it!

The vision and goal behind Becoming Us is to show couples how to find their true identities, both as individuals and as a couple. When we come to know what’s at the root of our thoughts, feelings and actions, we can stop placing unhealthy and unrealistic expectations on our mates to “fill us up.” Our marriages are transformed when our eyes are open to the unique ways our partners were created, allowing us to better love, serve, communicate and resolve conflict.

The Enneagram provides a framework for couples to gain a better understanding and grace for themselves and their spouses, setting the foundation for a thriving partnership for years to come. It’s our great privilege and calling to walk you through the many ways Enneagram principles can be applied in your relationship, no matter your stage, season or current struggles.


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