Before You Get Your Free
Personalized Marriage Plan

There's a Couple of Things You Need...

1) Your Enneagram Type

To create your personalized plan, you'll need your Enneagram Type. 

If you don't know your type, click here to take our Free Enneagram Type Test now!


2) Your Email Address
(& Possibly Your Spouse's)

We'll need to know where to send your personalized marriage plan so have your best email ready to go!

Also, if you want your spouse's input into your personalized plan, we'll need their email as well so we can ask them all the same questions we ask you.

You're 3 Steps Away from
Your Personalized Marriage Plan

and Opening Up the Direct Path to
Honest and Productive Communication
in Your Marriage

You'll Answer a Few Questions

You’ll be asked a series of questions about your marriage, including how you communicate, how you bring God into your relationship, and your background.

It will take between 5-10 minutes for you to complete the questions on any device you are on, including your phone.

Send it to Your Spouse (or not, it's your choice)

When you're finished with the assessment, you'll have the option to send your spouse an email asking them to take the assessment.

Asking your spouse to take the assessment will give you much better insight into the specifics of your marriage so you can get the results you crave faster.

We'll wait for your spouse to take the assessment before sending the results to both of you.

If you choose not to have your spouse take the assessment, you'll still get great results! You simply won't know where your spouse stands on the issues asked in the assessment.

Use Your Personalized Results along with Our Guidance to Improve Your Marriage

Dive into your results to understand where you and your spouse are misaligned and aligned in your communication. We know that this will more than likely bring up some conflicting view points.

But, don't worry! We'll give you exact instructions on how to take the differences and use them to improve your marriage!


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